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Plates would expire at the end of the insurance coverage period, and licensees would need to return their plates to their insurance office to receive a refund on their premiums. Vehicles driving without insurance would thus be easy to spot because they would not have license plates, or the plates would be past the marked expiration date. This led Massachusetts and Connecticut to create the first financial responsibility and compulsory insurance laws. Connecticut's 1925 financial responsibility law required any vehicle owner involved in a collision with damages over $100 to prove "financial responsibility to satisfy any claim for damages, by reason of personal injury, to, or death of, any person, of at least $10,000. " This early financial responsibility requirement only required vehicle owners to prove financial responsibility after their first collision. Massachusetts also introduced a law to address the problem of collisions, but theirs was a compulsory insurance, not financial responsibility law. It required automotive liability insurance as a prerequisite to vehicle registration. Opponents of compulsory insurance believe that it is not the best way to allocate risk among drivers. Arizona, Mississippi, New Hampshire, and Virginia do not require motor vehicle insurance. In Arizona, drivers can opt to deposit $40,000 to the State Treasurer in the form of a security deposit, cash, or bond. In Mississippi, drivers can opt to utilize a cash, security deposit, or bond in the amount of the state minimums.

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5 Reasons to Choose Nationwide for Car Insurance: Coverages, discounts, claims, On Your Side review, get an auto insurance quote, find an agent.

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Example Table

Date Title Description
December 1, 2011 auto insurance specialists california address We want our customers to be well informed and satisfied.
November 28, 2011 auto insurance reviews and ratings 2017 Most post their complaint forms on their Web sites, allowing you to print out the document, complete it at home, and mail it to them.
November 23, 2011 car insurance companies list phone numbers The software looks great, and they claim 10,000 companies with 100,000 employees are already using them.
November 21, 2011 auto insurance rates by credit score I dont think our wealthier canadians in general are all that fussed about paying for the poor and lowly.

car insurance companies list phone numbers

Several insurance firms will extend this low cost to their clients, especially if they have a cleaning driving record.

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While it may seem like a hassle and practically impossible to gather and compare rates from the large number of carriers available in any given area, it does not cost a cent to shop around, only takes some time which would be well spent if a cheap company is found.

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